Tree Banding

Tree banding is a way of protecting your trees from insects that can do a significant amount of damage. Cankerworms have grown to be a problem, in the Charlotte area and tree banding is the first line of defense. An infestation could wind up causing major problems and that is why it is important to take action against those pesky critters. Tree Works offers affordable tree banding services and here is more on how the process works.

Why Tree Branding?

This process involves wrapping your trees with bands to prevent cankerworms from climbing up trees where they lay their eggs. Cankerworms are wingless moths and produce caterpillars that feast on tree leaves and buds. Cankerworms have been known to severely weaken trees while also making them vulnerable to other problems and pest infestations.

The professionals at Tree Works will come out and apply bands directly on your trees. And if there is ever an issue with those bands, give us a call and we can come out and ensure they are working properly. Here is a glimpse of the benefits that come with our tree banding service in Charlotte, NC.

Estimates are always free and we provide very affordable pricing

  • The full cost of tree banding service includes our materials, as well as our installation and removal services
  • Our tree bands retain their adhesiveness through all types of weather conditions.
  • Our bands are non-toxic and present no harm to people.

How It Works

Tree banding is done by wrapping sticky bands around your trees so that cankerworms become stuck on their journey up your tree. The bands are capable of capturing other pests that may cause problems, such as gypsy moths and caterpillars. This keeps the pests out of your tree’s canopy where they can do harm.

Tree Banding Time

When tree banding against cankerworms, it is a good idea to wait until all the leaves have fallen off your trees to start the process. This way, falling leaves will not get stuck on the bands. Time frames may differ when banding against other insects. The team at Tree Works can suggest the most appropriate times for this service.

Tree Banding Tips

The closer your trees are together, the more they all probably need tree banding. Close proximity will enable pests to jump from tree to tree by using the canopies. The only way to ensure that does not happen is to band all of your trees.