Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is not a household task that is recommended for homeowners with little or no experience. There is a lot that could go wrong, which is why it is best to trust a professional tree trimming service. At Tree Works, we care of the entire tree trimming process from start to finish. That means not only will we take care of trimming your trees, but we will also remove all branches, leaves, shrubbery etc. There are lots of reasons it pays to go with Tree Works as we feature a team of professionals that have an extensive amount of experience. Our tree trimming services in Charlotte, NC include the following advantages.

Tree Evaluation & Assessment

  • Our tree trimming service in Charlotte, NC includes an evaluation of your trees as we assess the overall risk. Many homeowners fail to realize the potential damage trees can cause in the event of a storm. Some dead tree limbs are susceptible to falling without being impacted by a major storm. Taking the proper measures beforehand could wind saving your home from a great deal of damage. We will make the necessary trimmings so that you and your family remain safe and protected.

Expert Trimming Techniques

  • At Tree Works, special care goes into the trimming each tree. Some clients prefer crown shaping, which can decrease the crown of the tree but still maintain its natural elegance. This technique not only serves to trim your tree, but also provides an aesthetic appeal. Pollarding is another technique that takes away the upper portion of branches. This technique is recommended on younger trees and is a way of controlling the overall growth in terms of height.

Removal Of Dead Branches

  • Some trees can become rather unsightly when they are full of dead branches. Tree Works will take the time to remove those dead branches from your trees and also transport all that waste off your property. Dead branches could also be a threat to children as well and their removal is also considered a safety measure.

Small And Large Jobs

  • Some tree trimming will require one of our professionals to conduct spikeless climbing in order to complete the task. Other jobs may require special equipment for those hard to reach areas. Power lines are also no obstacle as we have the equipment that can get each job done safely. Tree Works is available for both residential and commercial tree trimming in Charlotte, NC.

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